Injuries of all kinds can be immensely devastating. They can have lasting physical and psychological effects, and ultimately decrease the victim’s quality of life. Between medical expenses and lost wages, injured parties often face immense financial struggles. Luckily, when the injury is the result of someone else’s actions or failure to act, the injured can seek payment for their pain and suffering.

If you are injured and believe another party may be at fault, you could be entitled to compensation. Personal injury law, also known as tort law, allows citizens to sue those whom they believe are responsible for their injuries.

When you sue on the grounds of personal injury, you are considered the plaintiff. In personal injury law, the plaintiff must prove that the other party is liable for their injury and show the nature and extent of the damages.

Tort lawsuits have two possible outcomes:

The first is a court judgment, which finds the defendant at fault for your injury. In this case, they are held responsible for paying you the compensation set by the court.

The second is a settlement, where both parties come to an agreement outside of court. A settlement entails the defendant and the plaintiff resolving the dispute without the involvement of the legal system, where both parties agree to a compromise.

Personal injury lawsuits in the state of California have a two year statute of limitations. You must file the case within two years from the date of the incident for the case to be considered valid. Once the lawsuit has been filed, there is no time limit to resolve the case.

Injuries can have life-long consequences, including pain and emotional distress. You deserve to be compensated for your suffering. If you believe that you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, contact Lungin Law today.

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