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Crimes involving children are incredibly intense. Those accused of harming a child encounter specific charges and more severe penalties. 

The risk of injury to a minor encompasses a wide range of situations that could result in serious actions being taken out against the alleged perpetrator. The benefit of the doubt isn’t given to the person suspected of child endangerment or abuse. It’s vital that you contact an injury to a minor attorney if you’ve been charged with this crime. 

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What Does Risk of Injury to a Minor Mean?

An individual commits risk of injury to a minor when they knowingly and/or willingly endanger the life or limb of a child under the age of 16. In these types of scenarios, the alleged perpetrators put the child in a situation where they can be injured, have the child touch them inappropriately, or inappropriately touch the child. 

Some examples of the risk of injury to a minor include:

  • Shoplifting while a child is present
  • Purchasing drugs in the presence of a child
  • Offering a child a ride
  • Excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs while a child is in your custody

California law is strict when it comes to protecting children. Children are vulnerable members of our society and deserve our protection, consideration, and care. The risk of injury to a minor can include both child endangerment and abuse. 

Many of the situations that result in being charged with injury to a minor stem from false accusations or miscommunication where the accused had no control over the situation. However, this doesn’t stop the prosecutor from moving forward with the case. 

If you’ve been charged with injury to a minor in Los Angeles, you need an experienced lawyer on your side to combat your charges. 

What Are California Child Endangerment Laws?

California Penal Code Section 253a(a) states that any individual who willfully caused to permitted a child to suffer, get injured, or inflicted mental suffering or physical pain can get imprisoned in a county jail for one year or in state prison for up to six years. In California, child endangerment and abuse charges are considered a “wobbler” offense. That means that they can result in a felony or misdemeanor charge. 

For example, if the above circumstances were true but didn’t occur in conditions that would likely cause harm to a child, the alleged perpetrator will get charged with a misdemeanor. However, if the abuse or endangerment resulted in the child’s death, it’s considered a felony. The defendant will encounter multiple charges. 

What Does the Prosecutor Have to Prove?

In order to convict the defendant with child abuse or endangerment, the prosecutor has to prove that the accused willfully inflicted mental suffering or physical pain on the child. They also have to prove that the defendant caused the suffering and pain as a result of negligence. Finally, they have to prove that the incident occurred while the child was in their custody. 

For example, leaving a child in a hot car or unattended is considered child endangerment in California. Dangerous home conditions also fall under that umbrella. 

Injury to a minor includes a wide variety of charges, each that need their own specific defense. It can be difficult to understand what your charges are and the potential punishments that they carry. 

An experienced child endangerment lawyer in Los Angeles can help you work through the process. 

Why Would You Need an Injury to a Minor Attorney?

Mounting a strong defense is vital when defending yourself against child abuse or endangerment charges. An effective defense is proving that the act was unintentional and not willful. 

For example, say that the defendant spanked their child and is now being charged with child abuse. A strong defense would be saying the parent exercised their right to disciple the child. The parent exercised reasonable corporal punishment while spanking them, not resulting in injury to the minor. 

Another defense would be saying that defendant was falsely accused. Another person could be making up the accusations for their own personal gain. 

The child could have been endangered or injured, but the defendant isn’t culpable. This type of defense could occur when the accused left their child in the care of a third party that they didn’t believe would endanger or harm their child. 

Quality legal representation is vital when dealing with these charges. Nearly all charges involving a child result in jail or prison time. Being convicted of injury to a minor could harm personal relationships and the trust you’ve built with other people. 

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