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More than 130 pedestrians are killed by vehicles in Los Angeles each year. In densely populated areas, like Los Angeles, traffic accidents that involve pedestrians occur frequently. 

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian-car accident, it can be an extremely traumatizing and upsetting situation. There can be severe consequences for drivers if they injured or killed a pedestrian while operating their vehicle. 

Partnering with an experienced pedestrian criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles will help protect your rights. Our legal team will work tirelessly to help you through the legal process, helping you get the best outcome possible in this scenario. 

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What to Do Immediately Following a Pedestrian Accident

Following post-accident protocol immediately after your vehicle accident is crucial. 

Get Medical Attention 

Once you’ve established that you and the other members of your vehicle are okay, you need to check on the condition of the pedestrian. Call for medical help and stay with them until help arrives on the scene. 

If the pedestrian is in a dangerous position, like in the middle of the road, do your best to minimize the risk. If they’re seriously hurt or unconscious, you shouldn’t try to move them. 

Notify the Police

Call the police immediately if you hit a pedestrian with your car. No matter what, you shouldn’t flee the scene of the accident. Doing so will make a bad situation worse. 

Document All Evidence

Writing down the details of your accident will be important during insurance claims. You should obtain the contact information of any witnesses and the pedestrian involved in the accident. 

You should also note down the details of the accident. This includes the date, time, road and weather conditions, and location. Once police officers arrive on the scene, write down their badge numbers and names. 

Call Your Insurance Company

Get ahold of your insurance company as quickly as you can following your accident. They’ll be able to communicate with the pedestrian’s attorney for you. 

Don’t Admit Fault

It’s understandable to be shocked after hitting a pedestrian. It’s vital that you stay calm and be mindful of what you say. You don’t want to apologize for the accident or say anything that implies it was your fault. 

You don’t want to assume the liability of an accident that might not have been your fault at all. There’s a possibility that your insurance company and police might find the pedestrian at fault for the car accident. 

You should be straightforward and honest when talking to the police about what happened during the accident. If you were in violation of traffic laws when the accident occurred, you might encounter serious charges. 

An experienced pedestrian criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles will help you navigate the process after hitting a pedestrian. 

What Are California Pedestrian Laws?

Knowing California laws surrounding pedestrian accidents is important. There are many laws in place to protect both drivers and pedestrians from horrific accidents. Pedestrians are automatically at a disadvantage since they don’t have the protection of a vehicle when they’re involved in an accident. 

California Vehicle Code Section 29150 says that a pedestrian can’t leave a roadway curb or a place of safety and step in front of an oncoming vehicle that’s close enough to them to cause immediate harm. There are certain scenarios when a pedestrian can be found at fault for the accident in accordance with California’s right of way laws. You shouldn’t assume that you’ll automatically be found at fault just because you were the driver. 

For example, if a pedestrian was crossing a road in a designated crosswalk and you hit them, the fault will typically rest on the driver. The situation gets complicated if they were crossing a road in the middle of a block or walking on the side of a highway. 

It’s important to contact a criminal defense lawyer when you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident. 

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Why You Should Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

You might face criminal charges if you hit a pedestrian with your car. A pedestrian criminal defense lawyer, like the team at Lungin Law, can help defend you in this scenario. We’ll investigate your car, working tirelessly to prove you operating your vehicle safely. 

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