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 Personal Injury Law 101: How to Tell When You Need a Lawyer

Experiencing a personal injury may be stressful and traumatic. This gets worse when you need to worry about long-term impacts or medical costs.

If you are going through a difficult time, having a legal team by your side will be beneficial.

This article will go through personal injury law for you and help you decide if you need a lawyer. 

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in an event that wasn’t your doing, you should look for a personal injury lawyer. Here are some scenarios where having one will be beneficial for you. 

You Sustained Injuries From the Event

If you were involved in an accident and suffered from injuries, you might need medical attention. This means you will have to face a monetary loss from medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and more.

Especially if your injuries were severe, it would be a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer immediately. They will help you assess the situation and will help you pursue a claim against the responsible party. They can gather information regarding the extent of your injuries and medical costs. 

This will be useful to support your claims because they will be able to showcase proof that you were seriously hurt and as a result, had to face financial, emotional, and physical drawbacks. 

You Face Disputed Liability

What if you weren’t in the wrong, but the other party is trying to shift the blame to you? These personal injury law cases involve disputed liability, where there will be an argument regarding who was truly at fault in the accident, and who is, therefore, liable to provide compensation for the damages involved.

This may result in the responsible party refusing to provide compensation, even if you sustained injuries. 

In these situations, you will need an injury lawyer to defend your case. Their knowledge of the law and their ability to gather relevant information will be highly crucial in ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. They will collect the evidence and be able to provide a counter-argument to what the opposing party will be claiming. 

You Received a Settlement Offer That Is Too Low

Sometimes, you can end up in a dispute with the insurance company. In some cases, you can receive a settlement offer quite easily, but they may be a lot lower than what you deserve. They may not be sufficient to pay the costs you have to face as a result of the accident. 

If this is the scenario that you are faced with, you will have to speak to an injury lawyer before you sign. Having a lawyer who will be able to inform you about cases like yours and advise how much you deserve to receive through the settlement will be helpful and will allow you to request a higher offer. 

You Need to Go to Court

Unfortunately, the settlement negotiation process may not always go well, and you may not have a deal in place by the end of it. This means that you will have to go to court to achieve what you want. In this case, you will definitely need an injury lawyer

You will need an experienced one who has gone through cases such as yours to represent you because the stakes are high. Your lawyer will be able to offer you advice and evaluate the risks on your behalf, which will keep you informed on what is likely to happen. 

The Insurance Company or Responsible Party Delays Payments

Sometimes, your insurers are not in any hurry to speed up compensation for your personal injuries. Some time may have passed since you sustained injuries, but the insurance company has not processed any payments. If you experience a scenario like this, a car accident lawyer can help. 

They will be able to chase up the insurance company with credibility and will be able to inform the insurers about possible consequences of delaying the payments any further. By doing this, the insurance company will understand how seriously you are taking the case and may process the compensation a lot quicker. 

You Don’t Know Your Personal Injury Rights

Maybe you experienced a slip and fall incident on someone’s property, but are not entirely sure what this would mean for you. 

There’s no shame in not knowing what your legal rights are when you sustained a personal injury. Not knowing what you are legally allowed to pursue will, however, hinder your ability to request compensation or to file a legal claim against the responsible party. 

An injury lawyer will be well-versed in the law and will be able to support you by answering any questions you may have. Not only this, but they will be able to provide advice on the best course of action for you to take, which they will know based on their previous experiences. 

Personal Injury Law and When You Would Need a Lawyer

Overall, personal injury law is there to protect you from having to experience the financial costs of an injury that wasn’t your fault. When dealing with a personal injury, it’s almost always beneficial to have a personal injury lawyer at your side. 

This is especially important if you’ve sustained severe injuries, had to face disputed liability, received a low settlement offer, had to go to court, or if you are unaware of your rights in these situations. An experienced attorney can provide support and advice when you face uncertainty. 

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